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Show's attended.

Fiesta In The Park 2001.

This was the first proper show that I had been to - and also managed to get my car on the stand.

The quality of the cars displayed were all very good, including the ones that are classed as work in progress (Mine is also in the group - however the quality of mine was quite low), however as someone has once said to me "the car is never realy finished you will always want to change something else".

The stands included the fiesta club of GB,, A few branches of the XROC along with the KAklub and also the mondeo club put in an appearance. There were not as many traders as I had hoped would be there to willingly take my hard earned but already spent money. But the prices at one of the stands was a little over the top (people who attended will know the stand straight away).

One of the best car that was displayed had to be one of the 2i guys XR2i's. The ICE install proved to have a good crowd appeal! Also providing free showings of ConAir :) Going through Kettering town center his stereo managed to completely over power mine and mine was on full wack!

Aid's fiesta with the 18's on was also a very nice car and the wheels didn't look at all out of place on the car, allot better than I had imagined that it would have looked. It also, surprisingly, had allot of the arches left!

The weather was quite nice for the whole day, not a drop of rain fell.

The convoy from the north was a very good laugh, with 10 to 12 fiestas lined up one after another overtaking lots of other cars made for funny looks. Also the young female, that happened to be quite atractive, that started to race the convoy in her fiesta 1.4 ghia was also quite amusing as she managed to work her way up the convoy quite well :) Also managed to keep up with them all in my little 4 speed 1.1, however fuel economy went out the window and managed to use lots of petrol.

The park was also very well kitted out with play areas and rides such as roller costers and also go-carts, didnt get any time to go into the play area bit although i would have loved to!!! Im a big kid really :) And also trying to get some of the fiesta's on the go-cart track should have been atempted!!!

So the day was excelent and i am looking forward to next years!

Roll on ford day!