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Descendants of Delphis Daigneault

Generation No. 1
 1.  Delphis1 Daigneault was born in Canada.  He married Augustine Alice Pauquin, daughter of William Pauquin.
 Individual: Daigneault, Augustine
Birth date: Oct 14, 1910
Death date: Jul 1987
Social Security
Last residence: FL 33512
State of issue: CT
 Last residence: FL 33512

 Children of Delphis Daigneault and Augustine Pauquin are:
+ 2 i. Henry L2 Daigneault.
 3 ii. Robert Daigneault, born January 14, 1922; died July 30, 1989. MA

Generation No. 2

 2.  Henry L2 Daigneault (Delphis1).  He married Frances Maloney, daughter of John Maloney and Pearl Lorence.
Children of Henry Daigneault and Frances Maloney are:
4.i Henry L.3 Daigneault Jr.
5.ii John Daigneault
 6.iii Don Daigneault
7.iv Mark Daigneault
 8.v Dave Daigneault
+ 9 vi Daniel Daigneault.
10 vii.Donna Daigneault
11.viiiDiana Daigneault
12.ixDebbie Daigneault