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The Decendents of Joseph Shotwell
The First Generation
Joseph Shotwell 1811-1869

 1.  Joseph1 Shotwell was born July 06, 1811 in New Jersey, and died June 10, 1869 in Beaumont, Pennsylvania.  He married Ackey Fulkerson Bef 1833 in New Jersey.

 Children of Joseph Shotwell and Ackey Fulkerson are:
 2 i. Charles2 Shotwell, born Abt 1833 in Ireland.
 3 ii. Phillip Shotwell, born Abt 1835.
+ 4 iii. John Shotwell, born May 01, 1836; died November 1906.
+ 5 iv. George W. Shotwell, born March 03, 1839 in New Jersey; died September 20, 1889 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
+ 6 v. Jacob R Shotwell, born January 18, 1842 in Hope, New Jersey; died April 23, 1918 in p grove, Berwick, Pa.
+ 7 vi. Sarah E Shotwell, born Abt 1845 in Pennsylvania; died Unknown.
 8 vii. Martha Shotwell, born Abt 1848.
The earliest record of Joseph Shotwell  is the 1840 United States  Census.  He is enumerated in Warren county, Westfield Twp., New Jersey.   He is listed as having two sons under 5 years, one son aged 5-10 years and he is between 20-30 years.  There are two females in his household.  One is 30-40 and the other 70-80. (Joseph Shotwell 30, Ackey Shotwell 32, Charles Shotwell 7, Phillip Shotwell 5, John Shotwell 4, George Shotwell 1)
Warren County Grantee index to Deeds, New Jersey, lists Joseph Shotwell as purchasing land in Oxford Twp. July 14, 1835.

The 1850 census  micro film record is hard to read .  Basically it says that in 1850 Lazerne County Census taken 11/7/1850 out of Pittston, Pennsylvania. In Dwelling # 2587 family #2683 Axey Shotwell (Ackey Shotwell misspelled) is listed as head of household 42 year old female born in Ireland. Enumerated with Charles Shotwell age 15 male born Ireland, Phillip Shotwell age 14 male born in Ireland, John Shotwell age 13 male born New Jersey attending school, George Shotwell 11 male born New Jersey attending school, Jacob Shotwell 8 Male born New Jersey attending school, Sarah Shotwell 5 female born Pennsylvania, Martha Shotwell 2 female born Pennsylvania.  It is believed that Joseph Shotwell is away in New Jersey at the time of the census, he returns in the records of the 1860 census.
The 1860 census shows dwelling 725 family 719, Joseph Shotwell as head of household 50 year old white male his occupation is farmer, his real-estate value $800 Personal value $300 born New Jersey.  Enumerated with him Ackey Shotwell 52 white female born New Jersey, Jacob Shotwell 18 male Farmer New Jersey, Sarah Shotwell 16 female born Pennsylvania, Martha Shotwell 12 female born Pennsylvania, John Shotwell 11 male born Pennsylvania. The children are all listed as having attended school in the last year.
**There is a discrepancy between the 1850 & 1860 United states census.  In 1850 Ackey, Charles, and Phillip where listed as born in Ireland, the 1860 census has Ackey born in New Jersey.  After extensive research of Naturalization and ship arrival records it is my belief that Joseph, Ackey, Charles and Philip were all born in New Jersey.  At this time research is continuing.
Joseph Shotwell married Ackey Fulkerson about 1832.

The direct line ancestor in this case is George W Shotwell
Joseph & Ackey Fulkerson Shotwell are buried in the Beaumont Cemetery, Beaumont, Pennsylvania.

The Second Generation
The Children of Joseph Shotwell

4.  John2 Shotwell  (Joseph1) was born May 01, 1836, and died November 1906.  He married Elizabeth H Clark, daughter of George Clark and Calista Scouten

Children of John Shotwell and Elizabeth Clark are:
 9 i. Harlow3 Shotwell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  He married Cecilia Miner.
 10 ii. Rose Shotwell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married Thomas Wright.
 11 iii. Emerson Shotwell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  He married Rose King.
 12 iv. Everett Shotwell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  He married Lizzie Lloyd.
 13 v. Bertha Shotwell, born Unknown; died Unknown.  She married John Patton.
George W. Shotwell 1839-1889

5.  George W.2 Shotwell was born March 03, 1839 in New Jersey, the son of Joseph Shotwell & Achey Fulkerson who resided in New Jersey. He married Sarah Elizabeth Barringer July 01, 1871 in Center Marlen, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, daughter of Thomas Barringer and Hannah Traver of Ulster County, New York. George W Shotwell and died September 20, 1889 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
It is said that George W Shotwell lost his left leg in a railroad accident. His occupation was Boot maker

 Children of George Shotwell and Sarah Barringer are:
 14 i. Ackey Hannah3 Shotwell, born February 27, 1873; died October 06, 1925.
+ 15 ii. *Philander Nelson Shotwell, born February 13, 1876 in e. Dallas, Pennsylvania; died March 02, 1937 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
 16 iii. Theodore Ernest Shotwell, born April 05, 1878; died Unknown.
 17 iv. George Lewis Shotwell, born March 02, 1881; died June 25, 1938.
 18 v. Norman Jay Shotwell, born July 04, 1883; died 1934.
 19 vi. Julia E Shotwell, born March 16, 1888; died April 22, 1888.
George W Shotwell died September 20, 1889 and is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Elizabeth Barringer Shotwell died July 15, 1923 and is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

On the 1860 census the Barringer’s and Shotwell’s were neighbors.
Thomas Barringer is listed as 33 year old male, his occupation is Farmer, value of Real Estate $1700, value of person estate 200, he was born in New York. Hannah, 31 year old female, born in New York.  Sarah 9 year old female, born Pennsylvania & attended school in the past year.  June 6 year old female, born Pennsylvania, attended school in the past year.  Malissia 2 year old female, born Pennsylvania.
George is not listed on this census because he was 11 years older than Sarah.  He had already left the family home to strike out on his own. George is enumerated in Warren County, Knowlton, New Jersey, Page 510 for 1860.  He purchased property on June 8, 1857, Independence township, from William H. Eastman.  Warren County Grantee Index to Deeds shows the purchase in volume 45, Page 291.
Charles Shotwell is enumerated in the 1860 census in Blairstown, New Jersey, page 577.  Charles purchased property in Blairstown Twp. On March 17, 1863, from John Harden.  The Warren County Grantee index to Deeds in volume 56, page 173.

6.  Jacob R2 Shotwell  (Joseph1) was born January 18, 1842 in Hope, New Jersey, and died April 23, 1918 in p grove, Berwick, Pa.  He married Mary Simmons, daughter of Zala Simmons and Sarah Patterson.

 Children of Jacob Shotwell and Mary Simmons are:
 20 i. William Jacob3 Shotwell, born Abt 1870 in New Jersey; died Unknown.  He married Mary Eliza Mitchell.
 21 ii. Henry E Shotwell, born August 02, 1869 in Scranton, Pennsylvania; died September 29, 1958 in p grove.  He married Mary B Bogart.
7.  Sarah E2 Shotwell  (Joseph1) was born Abt 1845 in Pennsylvania, and died Unknown.  She married Amos Doty Clark, son of George Clark and Calista Scouten.

Sarah E Shotwell Sister of John Shotwell who married Elizabeth Clark is the sister of Amos Doty Clark.

 Children of Sarah Shotwell and Amos Clark are:
 22 i. Leslie3 Clark, died 1905 in Wichita, Kansas.
 23 ii. Carrie Clark.  She married Kerr.
 24 iii. Nettie Clark.  She married Jacquish.
 25 iv. Jessie Clark.  He married Holshuh.
 26 v. Granville Jacob Clark, born 1863.
 27 vi. Amos D. Clark, Jr., born 1876; died 1876 in Beaumont, Pennsylvania.
The Third Generation
The Children of George W. Shotwell
14.  Ackey Hannah3 Shotwell  (George W.2, Joseph1) was born February 27, 1873, and died October 06, 1925.  She married Harry Lamoreaux.
 Children of Ackey Shotwell and Harry Lamoreaux are:
 28 i. Inez4 Lamoreaux.
 29 ii. Arby Lamoreaux.  He married Marge Hartman.
 30 iii. Carl Lamoreaux.
 31 iv. George Lamoreaux.
Philander Nelson Shotwell1876-1937
15.  Philander Nelson3 Shotwell was born February 13, 1876 in e. Dallas, Pennsylvania, the son of George W Shotwell & Sarah Elizabeth Barringer He married Julia Augusta Ross April 14, 1897 in Prespritarian Memorial, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, daughter of Samuel Ross and Rachel Shaver. Philander Nelson Shotwell died March 02, 1937 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
 Children of Philander Shotwell and Julia Ross are:
 32 i. Hazel Mea4 Shotwell, born September 26, 1898; died September 29, 1898.
+ 33 ii. Beatrice Marie Shotwell, born June 20, 1901; died June 02, 1985.
 34 iii. Leona Rose Shotwell, born March 22, 1910.  She married Fritz Novel.
  +35 iv. Nelson Ross Shotwell, born February 1912; died March 1912.
+ 36 v. Alma Alberta Shotwell, born April 09, 1914; died October 10, 1990.
+ 37 vi. Carl Leo Shotwell, born February 17, 1917; died March 1982.
+ 38 vii. Samuel Harold Shotwell, born April 21, 1918; died May 1982.
 39 viii. Mertle Pearl Shotwell, born January 09, 1922.
+ 40 ix. Granville John Shotwell, born April 17, 1923; died January 1981.
Philander was a street car conductor and teamster.  He and his family lived at 353 East Hampton, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.
Philander Nelson Shotwell and Julia Augusta Ross where  married by Rev Thomas Miller.
According to Elda Ross Hall, "my uncle Glen refers to  Philander as "uncle Filey."
James Ross(1795-1887) & Eve Shafer (1801-1864) are the parents of Samuel and the grandparents of Julia Ross.
"The History of Luzerne Co., PA." by Bradsby has the following;
James Ross had five Children at the time when he moved here by wagon from N.J., and two more were born after he settled.  He located first in Hanover township, but after four years removed to what is now Dallas, and there purchased a lot of land on which he lived and which he cultivated.  He was a hard working man and Patriotic in the extreme, serving his country faithfully for five years in her struggle with England for independence.  He lived to a good old age.  William, his son, remained on the homestead until having attained his majority, he followed the example of his father by serving four years in the war of 1812.  On his return to citizenship, he removed to what is now Franklin Township on a farm of 50 acres and married Miss Anna Brace.

The Ross Family Bible, which belonged to Samuel and Rachel Ross, has the following entries;
Samuel F Ross "Considered a "good" man. Did not drink, smoke or sware.  Said "faith and destruction" or "goll darn it" when he was upset."
Rachel Ann Shaver Ross "she was mid wife and claimed to be related to "half the valley" which was partially true since her mother had married three times and she had numerous half-brothers and sisters."
Julia Augusta Ross "marriage: "joined in wedlock with Philo Shotwell April 14, 1897"
Philander Nelson Shotwell & Julia Augusta Ross Shotwell are both buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.

 16.  Theodore Ernest3 Shotwell  (George W.2, Joseph1) was born April 05, 1878, and died Unknown.  He married Ellen Kennedy January 23, 1901.

 Children of Theodore Shotwell and Ellen Kennedy are:
+ 41 i. Milton F Shotwell, born Unknown.
 42 ii. Regina A Shotwell, born Unknown.  She married Hynes. 
 43 iii. Kathleen Shotwell, born Unknown.  She married Palmer Smith. 
 44 iv. Theodore Shotwell, born Unknown.
 45 v. James Shotwell, born Unknown.
 46 vi. George C Shotwell, born Unknown.
 47 vii. Mary Shotwell, born Unknown
17.  George Lewis3 Shotwell  (George W.2, Joseph1) was born March 02, 1881, and died June 25, 1938.  He married Mary Murphy, daughter of John Murphy and Anne McGilloway. 
 Children of George Shotwell and Mary Murphy are: 
 48 i. Marie4 Shotwell.  She married Cofrey. 
 49 ii. ? Shotwell.  She married Thomas Donahue. 
 50 iii. Gerald Ryan Shotwell.
 51 iv. Frank Rhoads Shotwell.
 18.  Norman Jay3 Shotwell  (George W.2, Joseph1) was born July 04, 1883, and died 1934.  He married Martha Traver Hummel. 
Children of Norman Shotwell and Martha Hummel are: 
 52 i. Asa4 Shotwell, born Unknown.
 53 ii. Sarah Shotwell, born Unknown.
 54 iii. Robert Shotwell, born Unknown.
 55 iv. Vivian Shotwell, born Unknown.
The Fourth Generation
The Children of Philander Nelson Shotwell
33.  Beatrice Marie4 Shotwell  (Philander Nelson3, George W.2, Joseph1) was born June 20, 1901, the daughter of Philander Shotwell and Julia Ross. she died June 02, 1985.  She married (1) Ralf Raymond Belles November 02, 1918, son of Joseph Belles. (2) She married Harold Goodie.
Children of Beatrice Shotwell and Ralf Belles are: 
 56 i. Ruby (Belles)5 Jones,   She married Granville Scouten. 
 57 ii. Rose Marie Belles Steele,
 58 iii. Roland Belles Traver, . He married Rosemary.
59 iv. Beatrice Belles,
 60 v. Dorothy Gladys Belles,
61 vi. Florence Belles,
34. Leona Rose Shotwell Born March 22, 1910, the daughter of Philander Nelson Shotwell & Julia Augusta Ross of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  Leona married Fredrick W Novel born June 11, 1911 in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, he died August 4, 1972 and is buried in the Greenwood Cemetery.

35. Nelson Ross Shotwell born February 1912, the son of  Philander Nelson Shotwell & Julia Augusta Ross of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  He died at six weeks of age from pneumonia.  He is buried in the Woodland Cemetery.
36.  Alma Alberta4 Shotwell  (Philander Nelson3, George W.2, Joseph1) was born April 09, 1914 the daughter of Philander N Shotwell & Julia Ross. She married William Henning, Sr. 

Children of Alma Shotwell and William Henning are: 
 62 i. Robert5 Henning.  He married Carol. 
 63 ii. Wilbur Henning, Sr..  He married Doris.
 64 iii. William Henning, Jr.  He married Reggie.
 65 iv. Emil "Dugee" Henning.
William Henning, Alma Aberta Shotwell Henning, moved in with her sister Leona Shotwell Novel. They shared a house in Ashley, Pennsylvania. "Bert & Leona liked a good game of cards. At the early family reunions you would eventually find then at the table with Sam, & Grandville".
Alma Aberta Shotwell Henning died October 10, 1990.

 37.  Carl Leo4 Shotwell  (Philander Nelson3, George W.2, Joseph1) was born February 17, 1917 the son of Philander N Shotwell & Julia Ross, and died March 1982.  He married Isabelle Simmonette March 20, 1942, daughter of Thomas Simmonette and Margaret Kergan. 

Children of Carl Shotwell and Isabelle Simmonette are: 
 66 i. Carol5 Shotwell.
+ 67 ii. Janet Shotwell. 
Samuel Harold Shotwell 1918-1982
38.  Samuel Harold4 Shotwell  (Philander Nelson3, George W.2, Joseph1) was born April 21, 1918, and died May 1982.  He married (1) Anne Marie Krajnikovich, daughter of John Krajnikovich, Sr. and Katie Buchlak of Lyndora, Pennsylvania.  Anne Marie died June 7, 1955.

During World War II Samuel Harold Shotwell attempted to enlist in the United States Army, his enlistment was declined because of a broken eardrum.  Sam than took the chance to enlist  with the marines and this time his enlistment  was excepted.  He served on Parris Island, South Carolina; Camp Lejeune, North Carolina: Camp Pendleton, California: Pearl Harbor: Guadalcanal, Eniwetok, Okinawa Shima, Ryukus Islands, Guam, Saepan-Tinian, Tsing-Tao-Shanting Province, China; Treasure Island, San Francisco-Oakland, California; Bainbridge, Maryland.
Anne Marie Krajnikovich Shotwell developed tuberculoses while pregnant with he third son.  Shortly after giving birth to her third son she found it necessary to be admitted to White Haven Hospital for treatment of her illness.  Her hope for a cure was dashed after years of experimental treatment she underwent to help pay the medical treatment.  She was than sent home to complete her life with her loving husband and children

She kept an elaborate scrap book filled with pictures of her family and many pictures of her children.  This helped keep her close to her family while hospitalized.

John & Kate Bucklak Krajnikovich
Children of Samuel Shotwell and Anne Krajnikovich are: 
+ 68 i. Steven John5 Shotwell, Sr. born September 29, 1937 in Brooklyn, New York; died January 28, 1982 in Baptist Hospital, Jacksonville, Florida.
+ 69 ii. Carl Richard Shotwell, Sr.
+ 70 iii. Robert Nelson Shotwell,
He married (2) Frances Hoster Murray 1957, daughter of William Hoster and Dolores McAllen of Texas.
Frances Hoster Murray Shotwell & Mother Dolores McAllen Hoster
  Children of Samuel Shotwell and Frances Hoster are:
To this union Frances brought with her two children , Barbara Murray  married Jack Rilling, Joseph Murray married Johanna.

+ 73 iii. Sandra Helene Shotwell, married Patrick McNally. .

 39. Myrtle Pearl Shotwell born January 9, 1922, the daughter of Philander Nelson Shotwell & Julia Augusta Ross of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Died at the age of 18 of diphtheria .
 40. Granville John Shotwell born April 17, 1923, the son of Philander Nelson Shotwell & Julia Augusta Ross of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania.  He married Leah Dudeck born December 1, 1925.
Children of Granville Shotwell and Leah Dudeck are: 
+ 74 i. Ellen5 Shotwell,  She married Paul Roesener.
 75 ii. Judith Shotwell, She married (1) David Gerheart (2) Bernie Axling.