Shipping Info
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9665 Bayview Avenue Unit #32 , Richmond Hill, Ontario , Canada L4C 9B4
Phone: (905) 508-6935 , Fax: (905) 475-5324
Sportscards, Collectibles, Memorabilia

Shipping & Handling within U.S. and Canada

# of Cards Shipping & Handling
1-2 $4.00
3-5 $5.00
6-10 $6.00
over 10 $7.00

To place an order from the on-line catalogue or to submit a want list, please click on ORDER INFO and complete the mailing information form along with the items ordered. You will receive an email in return within 48 hours advising you of the availability of the items ordered along with the total purchase price including shipping. Orders will be shipped upon receipt of payment.