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How to fit - Center Console.

For this job you need :-

Things that will come in handy :-

How to fit the console.

First thing to do is to remove the gear knob from the gear leaver by unscrewing the gear knob, once this is done the next thing to do is to remove the gear linkage protector, the rubber that is around the bottom of the gear stick, by pulling it away gently.

Once this has been done the next task is to attatch the mounting brackets to the center console and attatch the rubber gator that came with the console to the mounting points on the top of the console, once this has been done then the console can be slid over the top of the gear lever. The console should fit very slighty over the lower mounted heater vent that supplys air to the floor area, there is a rectangle hole in the rear of the console. There sholud be two slightly flat strips in the floor pan that relates to the position of the mounting brackets.

Once the position is thought to be correct get an assistant to hold the console in place and gently try to select all of the gears to check that the console does not interfere with or obstruct the selection of the gears. Once any adjustents have been made mark the position, with a thin tipped felt tip pen, of the back and sides of the brackets (front is the side that is closest to the front of the car).

When the positions have been marked, remove the brackets from the console and double check the marks to make sure they are correct.

When the marks are correct, with the sharp knife cut along the lines and fold back the carpet. Under the carpet is a layer of insulation, you will need to cut through this as well and fold it back witth the carpet. Near the vent that supplies air to the floor area you should find two downward two little dimples in the floor of the car, this is where the front mounting points screw into the floor. Near to the gearleaver mounting brackets should be two ready drilled holes for the rear console mounting bracket.

To drill the holes get the power drill and set to a slow speed with a very thin drill bit and slowly drill into the dimples that are marked in the floor. Once this has been done the brackets can be screwed down to the floor pan. When the brackets have been screwed to the floor pan the console can be fitted to the brackets, first remove the gear leaver gator and place the console over the gear lever lining the mounting holes to the holes in the brackets and screw it to the brackets.

All that is left to do now is to refit the gear lever gator and the gear knob, and also tidy up.