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Friends Cars.

John's Corsa SRi 8v

John has only owned the corsa for three to four months now, but in this time a few modifications have been performed on the car.

These consist of:-

15" OZ polaris alloy wheels fitted with yoko 195/45/15 tyres.

Car lowered 60mm spax VSX kit

Piper mild steel CAT back exhaust system.

PVD BFO induction Cone

The inside has remaind standard apart from the addition of a Sony head unit, 10 disk changer and a pair of JBL 6*9 speakers.

Recently John has fitted a JBL 4 channel amp, Kicker 2 channel amp and a 10" vibe ported passive sub encloseure along with a pair of infinity components as fitted to my car and added an electric motor to the sunroof.

Andy's Corsa SRi 16v

This corsa has only been owned by Andy for little more than a couple of months. This has meant that the car is still nearly in it's standard form.

Andy is planning a few simple mods such as a set of alloys, exhaust and a Simple ICE install.

ANdy has now fitted the alloys to the car - these are 15" fox 6 premier in the crystal finish fitted with the same 195/45 profile tyres that are fitted to my car.

Likes Johns corsa it is black, however Andy has the added power of the extra 8 valves.

Unfortunatly this car was written off and Andy is now on the hunt for another SRi