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History of Car.

September - 2000


Purchased Car for £500, bargain in my book. J reg. 1.1, reasonable mileage (below average for year). Mechanical sound. Bodywork very good, apart from passenger door. Just needs a clean and a good T-cutting.


Picked up car, Very different to drive to the Micra hire car that I had previously driven, but for a 1.1 the micra went very well - 1.1 16v twin cam ( on a micra base model!) but it was a micra! Needed a few small jobs doing but for £500.


Rear speakers fitted into parcel shelf, Head unit and auto changer fitted. Investigation underway into why standard front speakers don't work.


Replaced rear wiper arm with a Mk4 item, looks much better.


Replaced wires to rear speakers with better quality cable.


Due to unforeseen circumstances the car is now off the road. This was due to a range rover deciding that he liked my side of the road better than his on a blind corner and me avoiding him caused me to aquaplane sideways round an s-bend into a solid stone wall. Wall 1 - car 0.


Checked the damage - Needs new wing, bumper, washer bottle pump and wheel. So a nice word to a mechanic friend enabled me to source a very cheep new wing quarter the price of a wing from my local ford dealer.



Sourced a new front bumper - Si with a fog light missing and no spot covers but never mind it was cheap. But it's yellow.


Sprayed the bumper up to match the rest of the car.


Wing now fitted to the car - but it hasn't been primed yet.


Ignition barrel decides to fall apart, in college car park. Motor vehicle lectures come to look and say "well yes it's nackered". AA come out, take the back off the ignition put the key in the ignition and hand me a screwdriver! Much to my girlfriends amusement they said "well you can start it now!" so a quick trip to the local for dealer cost me £70 for a new barrel.


Finally get round to spraying the new wing, still needs another coat but it's OK till I get it done properly. Colour coded mirrors. Managed to find out why the oil was sometimes injecting out of the breather cap area, Gunked up breather pipe.



Drivers door lock falls apart along with the latch stopping working. Looks like the car has had second hand locks put in the doors and ignition as there was the hole in the ignition shroud to remove the barrel and markings on the locks.

Trip to ford dealer to try to get to door locks matched to the new ignition barrel, cheaper to buy the complete lock set, latch got from scrap yard with C-locking motor. Next project Central locking :)


Central locking fitted, without to much trouble. Cables need taping together but that can be done again. New front speakers fitted. Finally got round to finding out why the old ones didn't work - 1 not connected, the other one was rotten! I cant work out how though!



Front light brows fitted, finished de-badging boot lid.


Spaco racing pedals fitted.


Attempted to remove side mouldings - then realised how bad the passenger side door was. The door has been resprayed but a slightly darker shade and also leaving old adhesive for mouldings on and spraying over it. So sourcing of new door is needed, this will probably be easier than rubbing out the surface rust that is on the door at the moment and try to get the door to match the rest of the car, this will also give me a good reason to do the electric windows.

January 2001


Fitted XR2i shocks and spring onto car - cost £47 for a set of four in quite good condition. Old shocks must have been the originals on the car as they took one hell of a lot of force to get them off! Due to the less weight in a 1.1 engine to the Xr2i's CVH the car sits slightly higher on the front than it did - doesn't realy bother me but if it starts to the a pair of shorter springs for the front will need to be found!


Car going for a weel deserved wash then I will attempt to remove the side mouldings from the other door and rear quarter panels.


Car still hasn't had the wash - but hey it will be done soon.

However I did get round to getting the tracking sorted.

A new fuel cap was also obtained from Ford, this now means that all of the locks on the car have been replaced with new ones and finally I only need one key for the whole car :)


Car has been washed.

Side mouldings have been removed properly with all of the adhesive as well.

Heat shield and the suspension top-mount have painted with heat resistant aluminium paint. This has brightened up the engine bay no end as well as making it look a lot smarter.


Replaced the break disks and pads on the front of the car. Also removed the drivers side mirror and resprayed it after rubbing it down properly.


Disks and pads now bedded in - stopping Power greatly improved. Even though I replaced them with standard items instead of the vented disks and the callipers to match off an XR2i/sport



Battery tray painted with red hammerite.

Got driving lights to fit into the Si bumper that I have, surrounds will be ordered from ford on Monday.


Finally managed to remove the thermostat and replaced thermostat.

Drained coolant, flushed cooling system, and replaced coolant. This was to look for evidence of oil in coolant , none found - head gasket fine.


Obtained fiber glass Xr2i arches and side skirts off Louise Webley, Thanks again to Louise.


Spent day sanding down the arches and skirts ready to be primed. Passenger side should go straight on, drivers side needs a little work before fitting to get it to fit right..


Working nearly full time this month to fund work on car! - not much will be done this month.


Picked up the 4" powerflow stainless steel exhaust from project fezzie (Alex H) as well as the genuine RS turbo lower rear spoiler. Thanks Alex!


Spoiler sanded down and sprayed, now needs to be fitted by ford. Stainless Steel backbox polished to near mirror finish.


Stainles steel back box now fitted to the car by local garage.


Alloy wheels fitted along with Kenwood 13cm dual mag component front speakers.



K&N fitted - along with car serviced, tuned and tappets adjusted.



Center console, boot release motor and high spec upper spoiler located and perchaced from local scrap yard.


Center console and boot release fitted. Car booked in to have spoilers fitted, Si rear bumper and front fog lamp surrounds ordered.


Spoilers fitted by local ford body shop


Si rear bumper and fog lamps surrounds finally arrive. Passenger side door mirror colour coded properly.


Si bumpers sanded down and sprayed, driving lamps fitted to front and refitted.



Fitted the newly aquired chrome strut top covers and also the chrome bonnet stay. Along with a anodised red handbreak lever cover.


Car decides to blow a piston ring :(

1.6 escort engine and five speed gear box found to replace the 1.1.

Modifications to the car consisited of stainless steel braided brack hoses, xr2i vented calipers, ECB greenstuff pads and also vented grooved break disks.


Main work is removing 1.1 engine and compleating the 1.6 conversion. Five speed box fitted


Car goes in for MOT. Work needed

New lower arms, stearing rack, welding and a few other small things like split pins and orange indicator bulbs!


Car lowered with spax vsx kit

Vibe amp and MTX sub box fitted

Managed to find second hand passenger side door in radiant red. Will be fitted when car goes for respray.


Car has had the respray done with lots of body work and modifications to the car

Body work conisited of new N/S 1/4 panel, new front N/S wing, New O/S rear arch, second hand door fitted. full repray in radiant red.

Modifications consisted of flushed boot and bonet, skirts and arches fitted, chrome rocker cover with red bolts.


Late spec wing mirrors fitted.

XR2i 16v Interior fitted.


Had late spec wing mirrors colour coded.

Parts aquired for RS2000 rear disk break conversion.

Larger battery and another alternator futted.


Clear rear light clusters fitted to car.


More Ice added


Front breaks changed to escort cosworth items


Car taken off road to fit FRST engine, T3 and all associated items.