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In Car Entertainment.

Head Unit :- Kenwood 44x4 watts cassette radio with RDS and CD TEXT.

CD changer :- Kenwood 10 disc multichanger with CD TEXT.

Amps :- Vibe power2 1*300wats at 4ohm

` Alpine 2*90 watts at 4 ohm

Front Speakers :- Infinity Referance range 17cm components fitted in door pods to enable factory like fittment. These are powered by the alpine amp.

Rear Speakers :- Kenwood 3 way 6*9's

Sub :- MTX 12"sub box powered by the vibe amp

The main purpose of the ice is not for loudness but enjoyment. The music that it has to cater with is incredibly varied, I am one of these people who will quite happily listen to just about any type of modern music, teeny bopy stuff (well some teeny bopy stuff) right through to heavy metal. This means that the system has to be able to cope with both a lot of bass and also treble and mid range the rest of the time.

The front speakers have been fitted with bass blockers to add the the quality of the sound throughout the install, this also helps to prolong the life of the speakers as they will not be worked quite so hard with all of the bass coming from the rear of the car.

I am currently starting to sound proof the rear of the car using dynamat and also dynashild spray, this will increse the quality of the sound and the level of bass inside and outside the car. This is due to the soundproofing holding the car pannels fermer so they dont flex under heavy low bass notes from the sub. Road noise will also be requced so the music will sound louder in the car.

Once the car has been sound proofed the boot will have a simple boot build to hide the amps and other audio equipment such as wires and distrabution block for powering more than one sub, this will aid the fitting of another amp in the future. Also it will provide me with some boot space that i can use without having to wory about putting things on the amp. Work has now already started to create the simple boot install, the majority of the boot has been sound proofed and is just waiting for the secfond false floor to be made to hide the wires and amps from prying eyes!