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At present these consist of Red Spaco racing pedals. Also high spec dash clocks with a lockwood white dial kit have been fitted and black center consol and plastic trim parts. The seats have been swaped for late spec xr2i 16v winged seats, these are proving to be very supportive and an excilant find!

The car is also curently going through a complete transifmation of the interior. This will consist of the grey carpet and all grey trim panels, including the dash being swapped for later black items. Also while this is being carried out a black center console will be added, this will house the switches for the electric windows and remote boot release as they are added.

The late spec interior has now been fitted and just needs a good cleaning for the interior to be spotless, need to source some more door cards to complete the interior to a mint condition as they are slightly damaged. Will try and retrim some low spec items with the trim from my existing door cards as finding xr2i 16v items is proving to be very dificult!

Door pods have also been fitted to enable the ftment of 17cm front speakers.

Gauges are also beeing fitted - currently a boost gauge has been fitted, but soon a combined oil pressure and eitrher water temp or oil temp will be added to make sure the engine is running fine and no problems are developing.