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Previous cars that I have owned.

Vauxhall Nova 1.2L Sep 99 - Dec 99

This was my first car, brought for a meer £200 because the fuel pump was not working.

Bodywork was sound, and had been in the same family from new.

No modifications were performed on this car.

Unfortunatly it came to an early end thanks to a farm pickup being unable to stop on a country lane.

These are the only two pictures I have of this car.

Dec 24th 1999

Ford Fiesta Mk2 1.1L. Jan 00 - Aug 00

This was the first fiesta that i have owned, perchaced in January 2000 for £250 - came with a full MOT and a few other things. Not the tidyest of cars but it was a nice little car nether the less.Notice the large amounts of primer!

Modifications performed on this car were

Xr2 rear spoiler

Tinted rear lights

Pepper pot alloys

Metal bumper replaced for Xr2/ghia items

Clear side repeaters and front indicators.

Bee-sting Arial.

Here is a picture of the car in May '00

Yes the person behind the car is being towed - on a plastic sign!

June 00